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OSP Up Yr Arse.

This forum is for SURF topics such as localism and rants that are usually negative in nature. If you're a baby, complainer, or generally think you're right and everyone else is wrong this is the place for you. PLEASE NOTE, all forum rules still apply, but just a little more liberally enforced. Registration is required.

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Re: OSP Up Yr Arse.

Postby bluesilver » Fri Jun 26, 2015 1:22 pm

McDing wrote:This thread says it all. Bunch of friggin' gutless wonders. Even Tony was cryin' the "pour me, pour me blues" the last time I heard anything from "Mr. Regulator". If some of you would just go friggin' Surfing once in awhile maybe the fire would lite. Bunch of friggin' whinin' wimps. Lowel

Sounds like someone got gang raped. Wipe your tears away sweetheart.
When you know, you know; you know?
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