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Defeat Measure 81

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Defeat Measure 81

Postby Wilbur Kookmeyer » Mon Oct 29, 2012 8:43 pm

People, I will post my quadural voting guide later this week, however I really need to emplore you to defeat measure 81.

Measure 81 must be defeated. My fellow sportsmen, and women, sportspeaople? Measure 81 is the wrong application of the right idea. It will not save a single salmon and it will not leave more salmon for sports fishermen...people ...whatever. What is even worse is that it will once again leave wildlife decisions to the uneducated voter and remove control from the entities that have dedicated their lives to the sustainable maintenance of all wildlife. REMEMBER THIS! Remember that this is how the bans on bait and dog use in bear and cougar hunting got put in place. That ban resulted in the overpopulation of cougar populations and has lead to the near collapse of some elk and deer populations. These declines have resulted in less access for tags in some units and has negatively impacted the viability of wildlife management as well as negatively impacted the economic diversity of rural towns that need the infuse of sportsman cash to survice. No matter what you think this measure will do for you, we must remove the power of wildlife management (a studied science) from the well-intentioned voters who vote with emotion and not science. It is science that will manage the fisheries to the success of us all, not emotional and misunderstood voting. Please vote NO on Measure 81. There is a better way.

We need to change the way this fishery is managed, however banning gillnets on one side of the river will not keep Washington fishermen from continuing the use of gillnets.

I hate Kitz, but I will say that his plan for the river is the way to go. Measure 81 will only get in the way of this.

Please understand that the native fishery is open from the bonny down to the ocean. The natives generally stay above the I-5, generally staying up closer to bonny. If measure 81 passes and the gillnets are pulled, this next spring season thje natives will just move down the river and increase their catches. I know you think 'good for them' and you may be right in the short term, however this fishery needs more than short term management.

It needs more than short sighted and uneducated voting.

It needs management from those that have didicated their lives to it's care and management.

Kits's plan adresses the ENTIRE river. not just the activities of Oregonians.

Understand what this measure does:
- bans the use of gillnets by Oregonian registered comercial fishermen
- bans the sale of gillnet caught salmon in the state of oregon
- maintains the current sportfishing quotas and limits

So oregonian fishermen would not be able to use gillnets, Washington fishermen can, and the fish caught by Washington fishermen will not be allowed to be sold in Oregon.

That's right.
They will catch our fish and we will not even be able to buy them.

Do not kid yourselves, they will sell every single pound they get, and they will get plenty, elsewhere.
Commercially we fight for salmon. there are no shortages of buyers in the US and outside.

Keep our oregon fish in oregon.
Keep our fisheries under the control of those that are educated in the management science.
Get behind Kitz's plan (something I can be fired for saying by the way)
And defeat Measure 81.

Thank you.

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Re: Defeat Measure 81

Postby Trula » Wed Oct 31, 2012 9:43 pm

I already despise occupying the state of Washington but if a couple of bills pass it will be motivation to bail out of the state. I miss the dreariness of the Valley. It's to freaking sunny up here.
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