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Guidelines, expectations.

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Guidelines, expectations.

Postby Stiffler » Thu Jul 26, 2007 5:37 pm

Here are some guidelines and expectations of behavior for us all:

1. No threats

2. No profanity. If you really need to use profanity, it is @*$^! or nothing. Using one letter and then symbols is against forum policy.

3. No discussion of illegal activity

4. Photos, descriptions, or videos must be cropped or presented in a way that gives a reasonable level of anonymity to breaks/beaches that are not already over-exposed.

5. Private messages are private. Do not re-post messages or parts of messages for public view.

This list can be added to as needed at any time. The moderating and administrating staff reserves the right to use their judgement to decide how severe an infraction is, what the result will be, and who or what is deserving of a ban.

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