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AUTO REG NOT WORKING! Read this for instructions!

READ HERE FIRST before registering to the forum. Also look here for notices of updates to the main site and to the forums.

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AUTO REG NOT WORKING! Read this for instructions!

Postby OSeditor » Tue Feb 15, 2011 9:12 am

REGISTRATION ERRORS and my simple work-around...

Registration is required to post here at the OSP Forums. Unfortunately, we have a corrupt new member database causing new registrations to fail. I'm trouble shooting with the phpbb support forum, but no fix as of yet.

In the meantime, please just email your desired Username and Email to me at editor @ and I'll hook you up with an account.

Below are the usual registration instructions. These will go back in to effect once I get the automated system running again.....

The registration process is mostly automated (just follow the steps as prompted), except for the last step. Once you receive the system email stating that the Admin will notify you of your account activation you MUST forward that email to me at editor @ so I know you are a real person. If you do not send that email to me, I will unfortunately ignore your registration assuming it's just SPAM. Thanks for your cooperation. I'll do my best to get you activated within a day.
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