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Is the OSP Woke?

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Is the OSP Woke?

Postby Tex » Mon Jul 24, 2023 1:18 pm

The woke conversation is yet to be had here on the OSP....been interesting watching the evolution of what is "allowed" and what gets someone cancelled. As an old white male, no one is really clamoring for my opinion on much, which is fine by me. Ive had some blind spots exposed publicly on various boards I have served on so that was interesting. I am definitely trying to keep learning through it but also find myself wondering about cancellations vs. freedom of protected speech, etc. Words we cannot use anymore, vs gender identifications that didnt exist 10 years ago. Big reason my 90% of my social media is deleted, just tired of hearing opinions I didnt really ask for. Anyway, this is board has gotten pretty safe in terms of content...I loved the toxic positivity comment, hilarious. Sorry for the ramble, maybe someone will run with it!
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Re: Is the OSP Woke?

Postby bluesilver » Wed Aug 09, 2023 6:43 pm

I get it man. shite is changing so fast that no one knows what to think anymore. Old values being replaced by new ones, re-evaluation of our morals and long held beliefs. Some stay, some go. Personally, I'm tired of everyone telling me how I need to think. I feel pretty well rounded and welcoming, but that doesn't always mean I care about someone else's feelings because it feels like a lot of these "feelings" are manufactured. By that I mean they were told to feel that specific way, so they do (to fit in?), instead of actually processing why they should feel based on their own internal dialogue. Everyone seems like they want to be offended these days as if you're not real if your not offended. We must be offended to be heard. Why should I care about someone else's feelings on my ideals? They should be in control of their own shite and not worry about mine, especially if I'm not really causing anyone harm. I feel like we are evolving into robots or AI or something. Preprogrammed. Maybe this is why everything is so extravagant and loud now, everyone is in the Matrix and we are all just looking for the loudest yellers above the sea of screaming because we still want to be heard and seen. There are no subtleties anymore, no ideas that start as a kernel to be popped open. Everything is loud, right out of the box.

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