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Operation Fatass

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Operation Fatass

Postby Wilbur Kookmeyer » Mon Nov 20, 2006 6:47 pm

Okay...I now find myself in the worst shape I have known in over 10 years.

I went up a flight of stairs the other day and almost passed out.


Gonna put the serious change in place.

Was thinking it might be interesting to "publish" it.

So here is the deal..I have about 7 months until I hit 40. (Which strangely coincides with the amount of time before Foul One gets to surf again.)

I will list workouts that I am doing, what I am or should be eating etc...

I can even go have the blood taken and give up the cholesterol numbers and what not.

Set goals and monitor them.

You can hack on me, discuss health issues, tell me what I may be doing wrong/right. Call me a tard. Or whatever you like.

If you have the stomach for it, I can list pictures as well.

But..I will leave this up to you all. If you want to be exposed to this, cool, if No biggie. Just a thought.

So vote and it will be. I'll run the poll until Friday.
Your electric car runs on coal. Think about it....
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Wilbur Kookmeyer
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Postby Fish » Mon Nov 20, 2006 6:52 pm

boogie boarders run ME over!
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Postby Wilbur Kookmeyer » Mon Nov 20, 2006 7:02 pm

Of course quitting smoking is a huge part of it.
Your electric car runs on coal. Think about it....
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Wilbur Kookmeyer
full of bull kelp.
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Postby Stellablue » Mon Nov 20, 2006 7:20 pm

I bet if you charged hard like Mavericksman you'd lose all that weight in a
hurry. Nothing loosens your load like getting towed into 4X overhead BOMBS
exploding all over your azz.

Don't try to shortcut your way outta this one KooK...exercise, diet, smoking..phft!

The cure for the common phat man - BOMBS!
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Postby gills » Mon Nov 20, 2006 7:52 pm

well, I'll tell you this WK-- slow and steady wins the race--

1996-- me--338
1999- me-- 208
2006- me-- 255

Ideal-- 225. (I'm tall)

The drastic change came over 8 months of militant labor job working and eating the aitkens diet jazz. But don't go for it-- you'll lose a shitton of weight in a short period of time buy you'll cease to be able to process carbs in your diet. Which means-- if you ever eat bread again in your life you'll gain like there is no tomorrow. Genetics has a lot to do with it. Phuck man, I swim at least 6 miles a week, run 10-12, and I'm still kicking at 255, and that's eating pretty meagerly. Whatever you do, don't kill yourself. A wake up call is nice, but remember, it's about figuring out how to do it consistantly.

I can run stairs though. Swimming is a good call, especially with knee issues. I only run on trails, usually muddy, so impact is lessened severely.
Building muscle mass is really good too, as it speeds the metabolism.

Postby thurgood jenkins » Mon Nov 20, 2006 8:05 pm

I'm in to this idea. Way more entertaining than any reality show. What you at now and what you shooting for?

Good luck man, I'm not an authority on this cuz I've always been skinny (I'm an a$shole I know :)but I'd avoid running as I find it kills my knees (surfing does enough of that), swim as much as possible, drink less beer (big one, as beers have mad calories) and if you're gonna drink beer get some strong assed 9 percent shite so you're completely fubar'd after 3-4 of them, that way you're not downing a case pf PBR. Also easy on the greasy gear, preparing your own food at home is much cheaper, and more healthy as usually if you're on a lunch break you're after a quick fix so you end up with some deep fried something or other...

Also make sure to eat something you enjoy once in a while. Rewarding yourself with a treat every now and then is fine and don't feel guilty about it. You're worth it Wilbur.... If you stay active and lay off the ciggies, beer, and fattening foods, you're bound to lose weight and get in shape and in no time you'll be getting more cooch than you've ever dreamed you could, which by reading your posts is probably a lot though I imagine you embelish from time to time. :wink:
So, is there any tread left on the tires? Or at this point would it be like throwing a hot dog down a hallway?

Stewie Griffin
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thurgood jenkins
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Postby The Betty » Mon Nov 20, 2006 8:07 pm

Wilb, my only advice is dont get pregnant. And if you do....breastfeed your @ss away.
The Betty

Postby Wilbur Kookmeyer » Mon Nov 20, 2006 8:49 pm

But my breasts will shrink......
Your electric car runs on coal. Think about it....
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Wilbur Kookmeyer
full of bull kelp.
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Postby The Betty » Mon Nov 20, 2006 8:53 pm

And then you will have skin flaps.
The Betty

Postby gills » Mon Nov 20, 2006 9:02 pm

thurgood jenkins wrote:I'm in to this idea. Way more entertaining than any reality show.

I have to disagree for cultural reasons. TJ, we all know that any Candadian based reality show would be brutal. Like four guys sitting around watching hockey eating canadian bacon with maple syrup and saying, eh, eh?" Here, in the grand ole USA we got like super model chicks in bikinis swimming through well light plexie glass obstacle courses for flags and such. Maybe, as a companion project to WK's endeavor 2Tone should film a Canadian reality show entitled, "the biggest gainer." Where, for every pound WK loses (hell, I'll even join in as the 'at home viewer factor') you have to gain a pound or stone or 1.7 kilos or whatever. And then someone, like an alias as 'the dealer' who has some credible, citable experience as a bookie, can handle all the regular poster's inevitable side bets-- Maybe like doc or Spider or something. Edited right, we could all be $10000USanaires.

I see an Off-topic Forum STICKy thread on the horizon-- think about it, an international transnationality cyber operated weight loss/cross border break fight with plexiglass where TJ becomes fat? The possibitlies are endless.

I'll just say this, Google bought YouTube for 1.6 billion.

Postby Gazsurf » Mon Nov 20, 2006 9:53 pm

Eat salad, feel hungry, walk, suffer like a monk.
"I disagree with these experts. Someone has got to stand up to experts."

Texas Board of Education member McLeroy rejecting science over creationism.
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Postby smithgrind » Mon Nov 20, 2006 10:19 pm

Wilbur Kookmeyer wrote:But my breasts will shrink......
Better than your penis.

I don't think I've ever told you this WK, but the moment is ripe. I knew this guy back from my days living on the east coast. He wasn't in the best of shape, hell,...he wasn't in shape period, but he did have a wonderful sense of pride and a charming way of expressing it. I've seen you WK, scooting around the beach in your jeans and flip flops without a care in the world. I've also seen you stroking for the peelers at PC, wetsuit bulging with muscles and attitude...this guy, the dude from back east?..not
even close to being in the shape you are. He would drink beer and smoke weed while we skated or smoke weed and drink beer when the Redskins were on TV. That was as active as he got. As I may have mentioned earlier he did have a way with words and a perspective that seemed to transcend that of the hoi polloi.

One of his quotes continues to burn brightly, though it's one I've never been able to apply to myself...curses to this wretched vessel that is my own. His name was Darren and he had the classic pot belly. We got on to the topic of us skinny skaters vs. Big Men that play football and he chimed in with this line - "See this here?", pointing to that glorious gut, "When I fight, it's muscle! and when I f*ck, it's dick!".

It pretty much killed the debate right there.
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Postby kevinfromseattle » Mon Nov 20, 2006 10:33 pm

of course your attitude and personality are what determines if women like you.
but, that said, i have found it never hurts when you are trying to pull wool to: be in shape, iron you shirts, spend some scrill, and open doors. Don't be a candy as$, but act like you have your sh1t together, even if you don't.

Postby Stiffler » Tue Nov 21, 2006 11:16 am

you should be out here with me, running up and down these ridges. Im gonna come out of Thanksgiving lighter. Im beat though, been falling asleep at about 8:30...

Postby rveesurfdawg » Tue Nov 21, 2006 11:34 am

I fight with this to often.
I'm at my heaviest ever right now. 255lbs.
I work out every now and then (2-4 per week)
but can't seem to quite commit to the full on go for it loose 30lbs plan.
I did it about 5 years ago and got down to 215 from 240.
Slowly the beers and late night binging loaded me back up.
Then I got married so I drank even more and didn't really care.
I know I can do it since I've done it before. It just takes a few weeks of consistency to really get into it. Can't be half a$$.
AND the hardest part for me is beer. You can't loose weight if your drinking beers. It's way more diet then excersize. And the excersise is easy to me.
It's the dieting that is tough. I wish you luck WK. I'm finally starting to get really serious about it myself. No more effin around.
Of course nothing worse than starting it all right befere T-ky day. Then Christmas treats. Then New Years goodies. I'm phucked.
Kinda hard tellin not knowin. .
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