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Screwing myself or?

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Screwing myself or?

Postby brdsurf » Mon Jun 11, 2007 6:57 pm

Well, interesting times ahead.
I have 2 weeks left on the old residence permit. Got a woman lined up to "marry" if needed to get the paper but thats last option. I, like many Americans it seems living abroad have become a bit tired of the jokes as to what we are supposed to be like and well, kind of took a bit of a gamble. First though some background as to why this gamble is a bit nuts...
Place I have worked for 8 months of the last 5 years has been in business for the last 20 years. Small town, much like a coastal town there. In the winter slow and locals mostly, summer and everyone is there. Being basically the main and only option for so many years also pulls a little influence from the township. Only one other restaurant really. It has only been open 2 years and thus had a bit of a sturggle due to the "tradition" of people always going to the other.
I have usually always been on the other side of the exploited foriegn worker in the past. In a country known for lack of corruption and such I never thought I would find myself in such a weird situation as I saw 2 weeks ago. After a bit of thinking and couple of phone calls I faced a hard situation where I had to tell my employer, my only viable way of remaining in this country at the time, my "family" of sorts, that I thought their business practices and employer-employee skills were wacked. Of course from my side the f yous and stuff were flying. I mean hey, I work until my feet bleed in summers, no joke. 18 hour days, no break, 110degree kitchen and so forth make the body do odd shit. Self suture when accidents with knives and tired minds happen. Anyone who knows me knows that these kind of things are just ripe for me to open my mouth....
So the unknown...
Other place calls...
What was once my home has now become my competition. And I am a vindictive little shit. The owner wants to walk away from all respsonibilty of any food or drink item. Its all on my shoulders now. Not that big of a deal when I think of back in the USA where the biggest issue was trying to arrange a green card or something. But now comes the test of these last 5 years of hard work. Do I pull this off and keep this ladys place alive and make it thrive or does it go down?
I am making arrangements between fishermen, gardners and bakers to get much of what I need and in doing so requires every bit of language skills I have learned in two languages that are not my own. Let alone having to read and learn labor laws, health codes and taxation systems..
So can I pull this off or what???
So far have had rave reviews, but the honeymoon is always better right?
If I fail this Im screwed... and Holdy gets to keep a board and qball all of the sudden has a quiver of 8 or so.
What do you think will happen?
"I have to overcome that safety mechanism that wants to rise up in me and to keep me from doing something that could kill me."
"Everything’s okay until it isn’t."
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Postby guppy » Mon Jun 11, 2007 8:24 pm

Wow, that sounds like a very rewarding challenge!
added by the desire to keep your girls...
My bets are on you pulling this off with four stars
or is five? Whatever the scale... with flying colors.
Are there any other added rewards if you succeed besides continued employment, like partnership maybee?
That would add to the odds as well!
How are you planning to break this "tradition"?
and lastly, do you have any partners in this venture?
late takeoffs, that's how I roll......
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Postby intrepid » Tue Jun 12, 2007 8:43 am

Sink or swim.

It looks like you're taking quite the gamble, but it sounds like you now have the potential for something far and beyond what you could have had at the other restaurant. The challenge has been set are you going to rise to meet it?

BTW what is the going rate for an Estonia hooker, and are there any more of your boards up for grabs? :lol:
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Postby gills » Tue Jun 12, 2007 9:20 am


I never though having ACL surgery would be so great for me--- it ended my cooking career for long enough for me to make a choice to do something else. I loved it, miss the line, but marriage and being a chef doesn't work unless you're okay with never, ever seeing your wife.

Here's my thought:

Cooking for a living sucks unless:

You own the place or partially own the place with a controlling portion.
You own the place or partially own the place with a controlling portion.

I'd look for investors for your own place in a place you want to do it, near the sea and try like hell to only work 12 hour days five days a week and be closed two days a week and surf in the mornings. AND DON'T TAKE DELIVERIES ON YOUR DAYS OFF. STAY AWAY FROM THE PHYSICAL RESTAURANT BUILDING ON THOSE DAYS. Sounds llike it's time for you to run your own show, and reap the economic rewards of that work.

I'm being somewhat tongue and cheek here, but it does sound like you're right at the place where deciding to own is the best option.

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