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Postby dogfur » Tue Mar 15, 2011 3:25 pm

Eco-foam - Anybody shape a board using this stuff? I want to shape my first board, and can get a blank pretty cheap.
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Re: Eco-foam

Postby McDing » Sun Apr 17, 2011 12:20 pm

Not familiar with Eco-foam. You may be speaking of Echotech. Some of the early Echotech that was sold in Oregon and Washington had a "shopping bag" sort of color to it. The later blanks that came out of Echotech were whiter. I've got a bunch of them. They shape up about like a Walker or Excell. The finished shape is about as white as a Clark was. I've sold quite a few of them to shapers in Calif with no negative feedback. I always reccomend that a boardbuilder paint the blank as I am not sure how they stand up to UV over time. Even if you want a clear board spray the blank white with latex flat white paint before glassing. This will insure that the board will not yellow over time and will seal the blank. Some MDI and TDI foam since the demise of Clark is prone to shrinage along the stringer. I have had a Surfblanks from Aus.(Midgets foam) and an Echotech shrink along the stringer. Neither board saw the light of day and one was tinted. The shrinkage was minmal and of the type that one would get from normal use over a period of time. Out of a 100 or so blanks these are the only two I have seen do this. Interesting that they were from differant manufacturers and Midgets foam is supposed to be some of the best. I suspect it some kind of chemical reaction. I also shaped and have for sale "Warvel" blanks from the East Coast. These blanks shape easy with exceptional glue ups on stringers. They are a little heavier than US Blanks or Surfblanks. Their natural color tends toward brown. So for a white board you would need to paint. There are still quite a few Excells around for reduced prices. Fiberglass Supply may still have a few. Lowel
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