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Predtictions mounting for the arrival of El Niño this fall

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To be declared an official El Niño, surface water temperatures in the equatorial Pacific Ocean must warm by half a degree Celsius averaged over three months and maintain that level for five consecutive three-month periods. That’s an arbitrary definition, sure, but it gives us the ability to crunch the numbers on weather patterns that tend to associate with El Niños on a global scale.

Statistically, this time of year has the least predictability at any time all year. But peering below the ocean’s surface, water temperatures are already off-the-charts-hot. If that warm water makes it to the surface, the planet could be in line for one of the most intense El Niños ever recorded. That would be enough to shift weather patterns worldwide and make the next couple of years among the hottest we’ve ever known.

Click to read the full story, including predictions for what El Niño means for 60 major US cities. Some effects are good, some not so good. For surfers in Oregon is means warm water and nice waves, so bring it! But it should be noted that we won't know if sea surface temps are actually warming until July, and the effects in the atmosphere won't be reallized until Fall.

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