Regional Beach Cams Surf Forecast for Short Sands (Smugglers Cove) Shoulda been there yesterday

Cannon Beach (source)


Seaside Cove
(You control the cam!)


Manzanita (source)


Just cams, all of them....

Pacific Northwest Buoys

Moored buoys provide data on current wind speed and direction, wave height, wave period and water and air temperatures.
C-MAN land stations report wind and air tempature only.

WA, OR and N. CA buoy map





Coastal Waters Forecast from the Nat. Weather Service

North Oregon (Cape Shoalwater, WA to Florence, OR) report displayed below. If your browser doesn't display the report below, here's the link: N Oregon report


Tide Tables

Tides greatly affect Oregon's surf breaks. Here's a good tide table you can check online. Or you can get a snazzy tide watch. In the very least, get yourself one of those little printed tide books found at surf shops and convenience stores on the coast. Pack one in your surf bag and one in the glove box of your car. As you learn how tides affect your favorite breaks, this little book will help you time your session for optimal conditions.