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Surfing is one of the most unique experiences you'll have in your lifetime. Most who try it are hooked for life. But it's not easy, and getting the right information and instruction from the get-go will certainly make your leaning curve manageable, and quite possibly save your life.

Participating in a surf camp or private lesson will ensure you are embarking on this adventure safely. You'll learn surfing skills of course, but also how to read the ocean, the nuances of wave selection, surf etiquette, and how to stay the hell out of other surfers' way.

Check the Tips page for info on general surf etiquette and surf forecasting. And check the Oregon Surf Guide pages for descriptions of our most popular breaks. Some spots are more suited for beginners than others - and some are (or at least should be) off limits to beginners. Just like you'd never attempt a double black diamond ski run as a beginner, some breaks are just too dangerous for the novice surfer, no matter how inviting it looks.

Now get out there and just do it!


Art of Surfing

NW Womens Surf Camps
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Sea Life Surf Lessons

Several shops also offer lessons

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