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The surf spots listed here are some of Oregon's most well-known breaks. Sorry, no secrets revealed here. Many are located at state or city parks with a range of facilities. Some even have Web Cams pointed at them! Check in with a local surf shop for more info for a specific area. Wherever you go... respect the lineup, surf with manners and know your limits.

Note to beginners: just because a spot is "ok" for all levels, please know your limits! ALL spots are dangerous in big surf, some more unforgiving than others. If you are struggling to get outside, you're probably better off NOT making it out. Better safe and on the beach than being lifted out by a helicopter (and it happens several times every year!). Check out the Surfing Tips page for must-know info, especially on etiquette.

Lastly, a word about keeping Oregon beaches clean: Several times a year volunteers participate in organized beach clean-ups (SOLV). We can help out by not being a part of the problem. Pack out all your trash, and take some that others left. If you see it, but leave it, you're as guilty as the person who littered it in the first place.


North Coast Spots


Seaside Cove

Where the sandy beach meets the rocks and bends westward, the Cove resembles a northside jetty setup with potential for long lefts and short, but fun rights at low tide depositing you back in the wicked rip along the rocks. Mushy at higher tides. Popular with longboarders. Protected from S wind. Works on a N to SW swell.

Level: Intermediate to advanced. Not a good beginner spot, despite how inviting it looks.
Hazards: Rip, boulders, closeout sets known for giving a good beating.
Access: Turn west on Avenue U, the first traffic light you come to if entering Seaside from the south. Then turn left on Sunset Blvd. When you see the ocean, you'll see the parking spots.
Facilities: Bathrooms
Web Cam: YES


Indian Beach

Sheltered from the prevailing NW wind. Works on a NW-S swell. Often more kayakers than surfers. Peaky lefts and (mostly) rights. Rip along the north wall. Nice trail around Tillamook Head.

Level: All levels
Hazards: Kayaks, crowds, high rate of Coast Guard rescues in large winter surf
Access: Just north of Cannon Beach, follow signs to Ecola State Park. Continue past the Ecola park turnoff to Indian Beach. There is a $5 day use fee.
Facilities: Bathrooms


Short Sands (Oswald West State Park, Smugglers Cove)

Soak in the scenery along the half-mile paved path through old growth forest to this SW facing beach. Depending on swell and wind direction, take your pick from either the north or south end walls, or from several peaks in-between. Very crowded on summer weekends, but the vibe is generally friendly. If you are easily annoyed by beginner flotsam on the inside, better surf somewhere else.

Level: All levels
Hazards: Beginners, crowds, parking lot theft, dog shit
Access: 10 miles south of Cannon Beach. Three parking lots off HWY 101. Best to use the middle lot, east of the Hwy. Trailhead next to the bathrooms. Don't leave valuables in car!
Facilities: Bathrooms



Nice beach with clean, fun waves when conditions are right.
Level: All levels
Hazards: Strong longshore currents
Access: 11 miles west of Tillamook. Free parking at day use park next to beach. Surf break is a little south of there are there is room for a few cars along hwy.
Facilities: Bathrooms at day use park.
Web Cam: YES


Pacific City (Cape Kiwanda)

Beautiful beach, free parking and a number of breaks to choose from. A nice right reef peak along the south side of the cape on a bigger, clean W-NW swell. Right in front of the parking lot is a stretch of fun, safe beach breaks ideal for beginners. Gas Chambers (hollow at low tide), and more peaks to the south are less suited for beginners due to thumping beach break and ripping longshore currents.

Level: All levels
Hazards: Dory boats, jet skis, crowds, sharks
Access: Park in the Cape Kiwanda beach parking lot next to the Pelican Brew Pub.
Facilities: Bathrooms, RV and tent camping just across the street, brew pub!
Web Cam: YES




Central Coast Spots

South Coast Spots