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The surf spots listed here are some of Oregon's most well-known breaks. Sorry, no secrets revealed here. Many are located at state or city parks with a range of facilities. Some even have Web Cams pointed at them! Check in with a local surf shop for more info for a specific area. Wherever you go... respect the lineup, surf with manners and know your limits.

Note to beginners: just because a spot is "ok" for all levels, please know your limits! ALL spots are dangerous in big surf, some more unforgiving than others. If you are struggling to get outside, you're probably better off NOT making it out. Better safe and on the beach than being lifted out by a helicopter (and it happens several times every year!). Check out the Surfing Tips page for must-know info, especially on etiquette.

Lastly, a word about keeping Oregon beaches clean: Several times a year volunteers participate in organized beach clean-ups (SOLV). We can help out by not being a part of the problem. Pack out all your trash, and take some that others left. If you see it, but leave it, you're as guilty as the person who littered it in the first place.


South Coast surf spots

Coos Bay - Bastendorff Beach

Choose from a variety of peaks along Bastendorff beach, a sandy cove defined by Yoakam Head at the south end and the south jetty at the entrance to Coos Bay to the north. Winter S winds are offshore for this NW facing beach. All tides except extreme low.

Level: All
Hazards: Water pollution, strong rips, sharks
Access: 6.5 miles south of Coos Bay on Empire Blvd/Cape Arago Hwy.
Facilities: County park facilities, camping on the bluff


Port Orford - Battle Rock

Located at the S end of town. NW winds blow offshore at this S facing beach. Exposed to winter S swells, but also to S winds which blow dead on. Big NW swells are mostly blocked by Nellies Point, but if the variables are just right, it can be good. Shortboarders will like it.

Level: Advanced (unless really small)
Hazards: Bone crushing shorebreak
Access: Park beachside at Battle Rock City Park
Facilities: Bathrooms


Hubbard Creek

About a mile south of Port Orford, at the mouth of Hubbard Creek you'll find finicky sandbars that can produce good, hollow rights and lefts from several peaks.

Level: All
Hazards: Crowds, very cold water
Access: Park in the dirt on the E side of the highway S of the creek bridge.
Facilities: None


Nesika Beach

Blows out quickly with NW wind, but if glassy or light S wind, the beachbreak at the S end of the beach can be very good.

Level: All
Access: Park near the rest area
Facilities: Bathrooms


Brookings - South Jetty

Protected from prevailing NW summer winds by the jetty, this spot can be a rare summertime haven. Works on NW to S swell. Peaks break left and right over sand bottom. Good beginner spot, except at low tide when it can dredge pretty heavily.

Level: All
Hazards: Sharks, crowds
Access: Free parking right at the beach. RV parking across the street.
Facilities: Outside showers, restrooms



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