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The surf spots listed here are some of Oregon's most well-known breaks. Sorry, no secrets revealed here. Many are located at state or city parks with a range of facilities. Some even have Web Cams pointed at them! Check in with a local surf shop for more info for a specific area. Wherever you go... respect the lineup, surf with manners and know your limits.

Note to beginners: just because a spot is "ok" for all levels, please know your limits! ALL spots are dangerous in big surf, some more unforgiving than others. If you are struggling to get outside, you're probably better off NOT making it out. Better safe and on the beach than being lifted out by a helicopter (and it happens several times every year!). Check out the Surfing Tips page for must-know info, especially on etiquette.

Lastly, a word about keeping Oregon beaches clean: Several times a year volunteers participate in organized beach clean-ups (SOLV). We can help out by not being a part of the problem. Pack out all your trash, and take some that others left. If you see it, but leave it, you're as guilty as the person who littered it in the first place.


Central Coast surf spots

Lincoln City - Roads End State Beach Wayside

Choose from several beachbreak peaks. Outside reef can hold double overhead with good shape, but plan on lots of paddling. Works on a N-SW swell.

Level: Brave intermediates and advanced
Hazards: Rips, thumpy beach break
Access: Extreme north end of Lincoln City. Free parking in day use park.
Facilities: Bathrooms
Web Cam: YES


Otter Rock

Located on the south side of Cape Foulweather, this is easily the area's most popular break. Partially protected from NW winds, this is a great beginner/longboarder break. Beachbreak peaks open to most swells, but best on a small S or W. Rip along the rocks. If you're lucky you'll catch it on a day when the peak along the cape is working.

Level: All levels
Hazards: crowded on sunny weekends
Access: Park at the Devil's Punchbowl State Rec. day use park. Stairs to the beach.
Facilities: Bathrooms


Agate Beach

Located on the south side of Yaquina Head, this Newport area hotspot offers lots of nice beachbreaks and is protected from N wind by the massive headland. Works on most tides. Popular with longboarders. Good beginner spot when small, but holds up to double overhead. Speedy transport to the line-up via rip along the head.

Level: All levels
Hazards: Crowds, beginners, rip
Access: Off US 101, 1 mile N of Newport at Agate Beach State Rec. Site. Free parking at day use park. Please don't park on private property. Follow the short path through the tunnel to the beach.
Facilities: Bathrooms
Web Cam: YES

South Beach State Park

South of Newport, miles of wind-exposed beachbreak with mostly lefts, and a really nice right on a S swell at The Box in the lee of the south jetty. Fun and popular summer spot. Longboard contest in September.

Level: All levels
Hazards: Strong currents when big, sharks
Access: Off US 101, 2 miles S of Newport. Follow signs to South Beach State Park. Walk the beach or the paved paths to the jetty at the N end of the park.
Facilities: Bathrooms, campground
Web Cam: YES


Florence South Jetty

Mostly rights at this wide, due-west facing beach. Best on a small W summer swell at high tide. During huge winter swells check inside the harbor entrance as it can get quite good, albeit crowded, if the elements all come together. Additional hazards make it for advanced surfers only.
Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Hazards: Strong currents, moderate shark danger
Access: South of town, exit Hwy 101 at the South Jetty Dune and Beach access road. It's about 6 miles to the jetty. There is a $3 day use fee.
Facilities: Bathrooms


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